Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Halfer!!!!

Holy crap. Sam, you blogged a ton for our last halfer. I hope your desires of avoiding master reading is as great this time to give me something to read.

I now understand how women continue to get pregnant after having her first baby. The pain memory disappears so fast after actual pain is removed. I'm pretty sure the first thing Sam and I said to each other after the last halfer was "We're NEVER doing this shit again."


Myrtle Beach, October 2010!!!!! Woot, woot!!!!

I'm really excited for this halfer. It's so far away right now that it's still fun. Our training schedule is shorter this time and incorporates speed work, which is awesome because we can switch things up and get faster. Plus!!! We get to go on vacation to do it!!!!! Fun!!!!!!

Creepy role-reversal: I'm positive and Sam is dreading. However, I have complete faith once the master's is over, Sam will become my Bob yet again (Biggest Loser reference- I hope to be her Jillian. I f-ing love Jillian).

Best part of all...new halfer=new running clothes.

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